Meet On The Broken-Bridge (断桥会, Duan Qiao Hui, Dizi, 笛子)

Meet On The Broken-Bridge (断桥会, Duan Qiao Hui, Dizi, 笛子) was composed by Zhan Yong-Ming(詹永明)  in 1982. This tune has drawn its materials  from  Zhejiang  Opera “White Snake”.

此曲创作于1982年, 以浙江越剧《白蛇传》中的唱腔为素材,刻划出白娘子与许仙经法海和尚的拆离后,终能在断桥再度相会时的感人情景。藉着低音笛与梆笛的交替出现,抒发了白娘子与许仙彼此间对爱情的忠诚和执拗。

Length: 6’13”.

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Meet On The Broken-Bridge (断桥会, Duan Qiao Hui, Dizi, 笛子) MP3 download link (right click, save link as):Meet On The Broken-Bridge (断桥会, Duan Qiao Hui, Dizi, 笛子)

Zhan Yong-Ming native of Hangzhou.  Nine years old began to learn to play the flute. In 1972 admitted to the Zhejiang Province Art school, studied along with renowned performer Zhao Songting. In 1975  he was the Zhejiang Province song-and-dance troupe bamboo flute solo actor. His bamboo flute performance is take the south school style as a foundation, has inherited Mr. Zhao Songting’s south north school, take the timbre bright, bold, magnificent as the characteristic, the skill is adept, in 1980 once attained Hangzhou “spring of the Xihu” the concert bamboo flute to compete first. In 1982 the national nationality instrumental music emulation performance won the outstanding performance prize. Creation representative the work has “Spring Full Region of rivers and lakes”, “the Wujiang river Happy song”, “Meet On The Broken-Bridge” and so on.


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