Moon over Mountain Pass (关山月,Guan Shan Yue, Dizi, 笛子)

The Guqin (zither ) version of Moon over Mountain Pass (关山月,Guan Shan Yue) is here.

The origin of Moon over Mountain Pass (关山月,Guan Shan Yue)dated back to Han Dynasty. It has become famous after the Poem of Li Po.

Length: 5’12”.

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The Moon over Mountain Pass (关山月,Guan Shan Yue, Dizi, 笛子) MP3 download link (right click, save link as):Moon over Mountain Pass (关山月,Guan Shan Yue, Dizi, 笛子)



The bright moon rises behind the Heaven-high Mountain,
A sea of clouds blows along the pale, wide sky.
The far-off wind has come from nearly ten thousand li,
It has blown across the Jade Gate Pass.
Down the Po Têng Road went the people of Han
To waylay the men of Hu beside the Bright Green Bay.
From the beginning, of those who go into battle,
Not one man is seen returning.
The exiled Official gazes at the frontier town,
He thinks of his return home, and his face is very bitter.
Surely to-night, in the distant cupola,
He sighs, and draws heavy breaths. How then can rest be his?

明 月 出 天 山 , 蒼 茫 雲 海 間 。
長 風 幾 萬 里 , 吹 度 玉 門 關 。
漢 下 白 登 道 , 胡 窥 青 海 灣 。
由 來 征 戰 地 , 不 見 有 人 還 。
戍 客 望 邊 邑 , 思 歸 多 苦 顏 。
高 樓 當 此 夜 , 嘆 息 未 應 閒 。

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