Chinese Classical Music Online Radio

Chinese Classical Music Radio is  the best online radio dedicated for Chinese classical music fans. It has been online since 2005.

Chinese Classical Music Radio streams Chinese classical music 7/24/365.

The radio is running in auto-mode.

No ads, no DJs. Pure Chinese music.

For Android listens, you can now install the free Android app to your tablet or phone. You can then enjoy the music anywhere.

Please get the Chinese Music Radio app from Google Play store. It is free and works on all Android device.

The Chinese Music Radio app is easy to use. Tap the play button to listen. Tap the button again to pause.


New!! Click the play button below  to enjoy! (play in browser even in Linux, Flash player is needed) . 

The address for online radio is:

Use the comment box below to discuss or report any issues related to the Chinese Classical Music Radio.

You may also listen online or download MP3s of  hundreds best Chinese classical music at Media Library page or use the menu on the top of the page.

Minicaster Radio Playhead

To listen you must install Flash Player. Visit Draftlight Networks for more info.

If you want to listen in your local media player, click here to play.


  1. VirginiaMary Sajdera says

    I have been enjoying your recordings since 2010. I recently updated my PhillipMagnovox Application and your position in thier application post a Pop Up that reads the following: Network Connection problem. Please check your connection if problem persists.
    I contacted Phillip Magnovox and reported the issue.
    Found you here on my computer. Hoping all gets worked out real soon. You are the station I listen to most when I want to hear MUSIC. LOVE YOU.

  2. Ashleigh says

    Hi i like your radio very much, thanks for the good work. I usually listen to your radio from my mobile via the app called Tunein, but don’ t know when, the stream of your station is not available in Tunein anymore. Could you please fix it? I also tried all links above from mobile (Android), all don’t work. I feel release that above links at lease work on my pc.

  3. chris says

    hi. was listening to it over last 3mnths. wonderfull. but suddenly like 2 weeks ago cannot play it on any computer. what’s up?

  4. Chris says

    Hello. I enjoy the radio almost every day, but I believe it’s been down since this past weekend (4/5/14). I don’t know if there is a new site or if there is an issue with the feed but just a heads up. I hope it can be fixed.

  5. Chris says

    was listening like 4 months till now. Unfortunately something stopped. Cannot play radio , get error messages over last two weeks. What’s up? Tried at several comps and mobiles…. Pls recover !!!

  6. Jesús Aviña says

    Thank you for sharing this awesom music, it really inspires me and makes me calm, listening from San Juan Tecomatlán, México…..
    Thank you again!

  7. Chris S. says

    Is there any way to find the playlist or the name of the songs on the station? There is one song in particular I love, but I have no idea what the name of it is.

  8. verfaille dirk says

    i just tead ding peh meh its nice with the background music want to brcmoe in contact with listeners a

  9. Pete M says

    I listen on my computer but can’t figure out how to listen on my Samsung tablet. I click the link and get a choice of “Google Play Music” or “internet”. When I click the Google option, it says “cannot play requested track.” When I click the internet option, it says “downloading” but I don’t hear any music and I don’t see any new icons on the tablet to click to open an app.

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